Indian Textiles - A Rich Legacy
Indian Textiles - A Rich Legacy

What this tour is about:
For thousands of years, India has been the world’s leading producer of fine textiles. The country's ancient traditions include weaving, dyeing, printing, and embellishment of natural fabrics. This interactive session is a great opportunity to glimpse this rich legacy.

The workshop is conducted by a non-profit dedicated to reviving and documenting traditional sari motifs, techniques and their oral histories. The non-profit is run by a family who have been working with traditional textiles for over 40 years.

The session will include the following:

  • Brief introduction to the non-profit's mission: why conserve handlooms and how does it empower the contemporary artisan?
  • Touch and feel different types of yarns, and understand how these yarns combine to create fabrics of different textures
  • Try your hand at a loom to weave a few threads together
  • Guided tour of the non-profit's museum. See and understand speciality weaves, designs, and the myths and stories associated with them
  • Try on Indian fabrics for yourself: saris for women, lungi and Mysore peta (turban) for men

How it works:

  • Transfer to venue – 30-45 mins
  • Introductions and refreshments – 15 mins
  • Textile workshop - 1hr 30 mins
  • Textile draping - 30 mins
  • Drop back to hotel - 30-45 mins

During the session, we encourage you to ask questions, as well as share your own knowledge.

INR 1500 per person for 11-15 persons
INR 1750 per person for 9-10 persons
INR 2000 per person for 6-8 persons
INR 2500 per person for 4-5 persons
INR 2750 per person for 3 persons
INR 3000 per person for 2 persons
INR 5000 for a solo traveller

Museum entry fee, presentation on Indian textile traditions, sharing of experiences and samples, Discussion/Q&A session, draping session, bottled water, all taxes.

Transfers from/to hotel, meals.

Transport cost:
We can arrange transfers at an additional charge. It depends on the number of people and location. Please write to us with details and we can send you the cost. Bangalore also has many taxi apps which you can use.

Please note that the museum does not allow photography or videography of the objects on display. However, you can photograph the workshop / draping session. For those who wish to purchase fabrics, the family's store is a 5 minute walk from the museum.